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IT's HERE!! Smetco S-Fusion Electrostatic Pallet Spayer

Each year mold becomes a greater issue for the end users of pallets requiring pallet manufactures to address this issue. Dip tanks have been the typical method of applying anti-mold products but this has several draw backs such as soaking wood that has already been kiln dried or heat treated.

The Smetco S-Fusion Electrostatic Pallet Sprayer is your solution. It applies just the right amount of anti-mold treatment without soaking the pallet leaving it nearly dry thus reducing drying time and since only the outer surface of the pallet is dampened the core of the kiln dried wood remains untouched.

The Smetco S-Fusion Pallet Sprayer can also be used to apply disinfectants and anti-fungal treatments.

The Smetco Electrostatic Pallet Sprayer can be placed inline with your existing manufacturing line or be setup as a stand-alone system with Smetco's optional De-stacker and Stackers or in any customizable configuration to meet your production needs.

Just some of the benefits of the Smetco S-Fusion Pallet Sprayer
  • Mold free pallets.
  • Fewer customer rejections due to mold related issues.
  • Reduced chemical usage.
  • Greatly reduced drying time as compared to a typical dip method.
  • Better coverage than standard spraying methods.
  • Customizable for any pallet size or range of sizes.
  • Conveyor speeds and Chemical flow rates are fully adjustable so that the perfect amount of treatment is applied.
  • Overspray is reclaimed, filtered and returned for re-use.
Smetco S-Fusion Pallet Sprayer Features
  • Six to eight ESS Electrostatic spray nozzles.
  • Variable speed stainless steel conveyor rollers.
  • Positive displacement blower with after-cooler.
  • Three zone chemical flow control.
  • Self priming pump for chemical delivery.
  • Back pressure regulator to ensure consistent chemical delivery to the nozzles.
  • Overspray reclaim system with filtration.
  • 480VAC main power.
  • PLC controlled.
  • Touch screen interface (HMI).
Smetco S-Fusion Pallet Sprayer Options

Smetco is dedicated to providing solutions to meet any and all of your production needs, below are just a few options. Addition options are available to meet your specific needs, give us a call.

  • Automatic Dispenser (De-Stacker).
  • Automatic stackers.
  • Accumulation conveyors.
  • High volume fans to assist in drying.
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Pricing and Availability

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